Reflections of one of us

To my dearest IINavy friends,

In last few months, I was following the sad events in our country specially the trials of ex-revolutionaries in Tehran.

In my complete amazement and admiration, the attitude of friends and colleagues of those under trials was admirable because, not even one abandoned those who were detained, tortured and made to confess that they were spies and agents of other powers. When some of them were released, they were welcomed and their families were supported all the time.

Then my memories went back to 27 years ago when all groups above; accusers, detainees, and greens were part of the same band of criminal which with same method detained our friends Sirus Hakimi, Bahram Afzali, Kianosh Hakimi, Mohammad Mossavi , Nasser Farrokhnia and many others. They were tortured and using confession drug, made them to confess that they were spies and were EXECUTED.

What was the reaction of their navy friends who worked with them, served on board the ships with them? Nothing!!
SURPRISED? Absolutely nothing!

Unlike the Islamic bands, we shut our eyes and mouth and became deaf, hid behind the excuse of safety and accepted the regimes version of accusations and condemned our navy friends too.

Even worse, we abandoned their wives who were friends of our wives and we forgot their children who went to school and played with our kids all their lives!

Please ask your contacts to find the whereabouts of their families, is never too late to correct our behavior.

Bahman Minovi